Baskerville Characters

The brief was to create a series of connected images, based on typographic elements and using only the typeface Baskerville. A key method I used in my response was to digitally cut and paste, rearrange and reflect particular characters and glyphs, without changing or ruining the structural integrity of the typeface. A key idea and norm which I wanted to challenge throughout this project, was that type is often read in a word, sentence or paragraph, left to right and top to bottom. Throughout this brief I set a personal goal, to prove that this is not always the case and that type can be both illustrative and demonstrate meaning without simply using a decorative typeface to write a word.

The Saints Type Identity

An identity design for an exhibition about Brisbane Punk Band ‘The Saints’. The exhibition ‘Sans Punk’ reflects the way in which Punk Band ‘The Saints’ rejected the typical ideals of British punk. ‘The Saints’ concept was alternative to say the least, rejecting the notion of punk, as punk is already a rejection of norms.

Univers Poster

A poster that expressed information about the typeface Univers and its Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger.

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