UX and Motion

Respect. Now. Always. Campaign – Monash University

A video for Monash University’s ‘Respect.Now.Always.’ Campaign in response to the Change The Course: National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities (2017). The video explores real facts and quotes from the survey, with an empowering message that sexual assault does not define the survivor. It encourages survivors to implement coping mechanisms and seek support. It breaks down this taboo issue which we often ignore or avoid discussing.

Youth Homelessness

This project about Youth Homelessness, stems from the Design for Social Impact Studio, where students picked a social issue to explore further. I completed 2 surveys within this brief interviewing 100 people in the first survey and 200 in the second to gather data regarding our perceptions and misconceptions of homelessness. A poignant piece of data I connected with and decided to base my digital publication around, was the fact that 41% said they would beg on the streets for money, if they were homeless, but 49% said they never give money to people who beg on the streets.

Visual Music

This is the first animation I ever worked on. The brief was to create a visualisation for a piece of music of our choice. I found that by sticking to a colour scheme and using the lyrics to bounce off ideas, I created fluidity, repetition and consistency,

Man Up, Speak Up

A campaign called ‘Man Up Speak Up’, which encourages men to speak out against gender based abuse and help keep women in the community safe and free from harm. The posters are intended to be thought provoking and question what is and is not acceptable behaviour, what do we normalise? 
The social media and digital component of this campaign was to drive traffic to the application which would act as a resource for men to help speak out against domestic violence and gender-based abuse. Men play such a dominant role in this issue, we need them to be part of the solution. Men offer not only a unique perspective to women but as they are in a position of privilege and power, they can arguably make more impact on the men who would not necessarily be easily swayed by a woman’s opinion. In very basic terms, we need good men to stand up and make change alongside women, as allies, so that men who are behaving poorly, can be called out on their behaviour and ensure we take the onus off women. 

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